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The new year has arrived

There’s no better time for your business to set, and crush, its marketing goals. It’s no secret that in the digital marketing world, if you want to stand out, social media marketing is must. 77% of Millennials make a purchase after viewing a product on Facebook, and Instagram has over 500 MILLION active users each month. If your business isn’t utilizing these (FREE) platforms to reach your target audience, what are you waiting for?!

But not all marketing efforts are created equal!

A good marketing strategy will do more than simply sell a brand or product – it will add value to your customers’ lives. That’s right, connecting with your audience through your campaigns can help create a lasting relationship between your customer and your brand and good relationships lead to successful businesses.

Don’t believe me? Ask Airbnb. With their social media campaign “Live There”, Airbnb focused on inspiring their target audience with the feeling of living in, rather than simply travelling to, the places one visits. Through market research, the company found that 86% of their customers used the platform because they wanted to #LiveThere when they travelled. The results? On Instagram, Airbnb delivered 53.5MM impressions, 4.9MM video views and 31,000 site clicks across the social platform.

Understanding, and appealing to, your target audience rather than attempting to market to everyone is crucial to your business’ successful social media marketing campaign.

In 2017, Gucci hopped on the humor band wagon with a mega-successful branded meme campaign, centered around the hashtag “#TFWGucci” (or “That Feeling When Gucci” for those of you not in the know!).

By imitating memes, Gucci was able to appeal to a new, younger target audience on Instagram. This new campaign created quite the buzz around the brand, amassing a total of nearly 2 million likes and over 21,000 comments. It just goes to show that, when done correctly, a well targeted campaign can be a very successful one.

A new year often signifies a new start – a clean slate. If your digital and social media marketing strategy could use a makeover, there’s no time like the present. Social media shouldn’t be a burden to your business but a platform for it to grow and flourish. Have fun with it and if you need a little push,

I’ll be here to guide you along the way.


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